About ALYKY 

 ALYKY is a marketing & digital content strategy agency that's all about doing what it takes to help your business dominate the digital landscape.  

ALYKY is..


We are forever learners, never satisfied with the status quo and always looking for ways to streamline processes (to save you money) and offer new services.


ALYKY firmly believes in full transparency. We run our business with integrity so we CAN be transparent- and it's something we're proud of. 


There's too much negativity out there- you can count on us to be there for you, educate you, and encourage you all the way through to success and more.


That means we care about you, your life, and your business. We want to have lasting and deep, meaningful  relationships built on trust, success, and respect. 


Every business needs content strategy, SEO, and digital marketing. And honestly, you shouldn't have to sell your firstborn to afford it. 

Our Vision for a Digital Content Strategy Agency  

With a combined 14 years of experience in SEO, content creation, website design, lead generation, and content strategy- we know what works, and what doesn't. We have gone through the trial and error of numerous strategies and fined tune our processes to a T. Not only have we learned what strategies work best, but we've also learned just how important relationships are- especially in the digital landscape. 

Our vision is simple: to grow your business through a data-centered approach to everything we do while building relationships with honesty, grace, excitement, and kindness. We treat you and your business how we want ourselves, and our business, to be treated. 

Meet the Dynamic Duo

digital content strategy agency

Anna Fragiorgi


"Treat your client's business as if it were your own"

Anna is the heart and soul of ALYKY. Five years before ALYKY was even ALYKY, it was Silver Gate Solutions based out of North Carolina. Anna put blood, sweat, and tears into her business and grew it to a full-fledged digital marketing agency all by herself.

Did you read that? ALL. BY. HERSELF.

Anna's passions are entrepreneurship (she's always looking for her next business adventure), her family, living with complete integrity and honesty, helping businesses grow on massive scales, and knocking the socks off her business partner.

Anna's innovation, eye for talent, brilliance in all things business, absolute devotion to her clients, and integrity grew her agency to a place where it was time find the right person to help her out- and she had someone perfect in mind.

If you want to talk to Anna about growing your online presence, backlinking, or simply just to say hi- reach out. She loves learning all about you!
Email Anna 
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Beth Anne Ball 

President of Content Strategy

Much like Anna, Beth had her own digital marketing firm, The White Rabbit Content Strategy Firm, with its main focus being content writing.

However, Beth has spent the past six years helping agencies all over the country create, manage, and grow their content departments. Beth has long dreamed of creating a marketing and digital content strategy agency.

Beth's passions are her family, using words to help businesses grow, good political debate, sewing, and avoiding the outdoors because there are bugs.

Beth's raw talent for content strategy & copy writing, weird obsession with data, innovation, and standing up for what's right (no matter the consequences) placed Beth and Anna together- helping create ALYKY.

If you would like to talk to Beth about your digital content strategy, SEO, how to become a content strategist, or becoming a writer for ALYKY- don't be shy and send her an email.
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The Name, "ALYKY"

One of ALYKY's motto's is FAMILY FIRST, ALWAYS. And there's no wavering from that- ever. Husbands, kids, extended family, and friends like family come before any work. No questions asked. It's just a way of life at ALYKY.

The name ALYKY is no exception to the family first rule.

Meet: Alyssa (Aly) 

And Meet: Kyky (Ky) 

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