Search Engine Deoptimization

Search engine deoptimization is yes, a thing, and more than that- a powerful way to manage online repuation issues, negative SEO attacks, or poor SEO practices from that one dude in his Moms basement.
search engine deoptimization

Why is Search Engine Deoptimization Important?

Let’s put it this way- the majority of what was “best SEO practices” in certain years is now considered spammy and not only hurts your ranking, but actually causes your site to get put in Google jail. And yes that really exists. 2005 called and wants it’s SEO back, so let’s get your website up to the modern era for fast and powerful results.

"Over-optimization can prevent your audience from seeing the value of your content – and it can negatively impact your organic search rankings."

-Razvan Gavrilas, Search Engine Journal

Benefits of Search Engine Deoptimization

Sure, you can just start completely over with a new website and URL or you can deoptimize your site, keep the URL's power, and watch your business grow.

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Search Engine Deoptimization Improves Validity

If you're website was done ages ago and it's not ranking, that's because it doesn't hold much validity to Google. Our deoptimization services clean all that spammy SEO up, and replace it with today's best SEO practices.

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It Improves Ranking

If you have been stuck on page two (or worse...) for what feels like forever, it's likely your on page SEO if you even have any. If you do, and if it was done a decade ago- chances are it's hurting your overall ranking. That's why search engine deoptimization is a powerful resource that can help your site explode in growth. Get started with a website audit today.

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Deoptimization Keeps Attackers At Bay

Some people just have nothing better to do than to do some negative SEO for you or your business. Our search engine deoptimization services clear your name online, disavow unapproved links, and keep the rest of the attacks at bay.

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Cost Effective

Sure- you could just start over with a new domain and new website but why would you when you just fix the site you have now? Search engine deoptimization holds onto the age of your domain and saves you money.

How it Works

We perform a full website and online audit

This tells us what SEO issues there might be within the site as well as negative online reviews, duplicated sites, directories you might have forgotten about, and much more. This can take anywhere from 3 days to three weeks- it all depends on the scope of the project and the size of your digital footprint.

You get a full report

Once we have done the audit, we will report our findings to you in an easy to understand way with actionable steps you, your makreting team, or ALYKY can do.

It's go time!

If you have us execute the search engine deoptimization, we will get busy. This phase can, again, take a couple of weeks to months. In our report, we will give you a timeline with a firm deadline and communicate clearly throughout the entire process.
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