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November 23, 2020

Some products practically sell themselves, while others only collect dust on the shelves. Consumers demand tons of item details today, making a lead generation website invaluable. While they aren’t new, not many people are aware of these unique pages. Other business owners attempt to utilize a lead generation website without fully knowing how it works.

Over the years, ALYKY has perfected how a lead generation site should look and perform. We keep your customers better informed on your products or services while engaging users. If you don’t see high-quality leads as expected, keep reading. We’re about to explain how to increase conversion rates with interested buyers ready to shop.

What is A Lead Generation Website, Anyways?

How To Create the Perfect Lead Generation Website

While every organization has a website these days, how it performs makes all the difference. Brands either sell directly to consumers, act as a B2B company, or sometimes both. Most successful ones usually don’t have only one website for all their operations. These brands’ homepage likely offers little more than some preliminary product information.

A major soda brand, for instance, probably doesn’t sell their colas from their site. Instead, they inform you of where you can purchase it near your home. While your company needs to have standard home pages, lead generation website pages also become necessary. They give more specific details about your products for improved sales.

How Do I Make a Lead Generation Website?

You may have a handful of products, so you probably have many more types of users. Step one of increasing your conversion rates is defining your primary consumers. You can create lead generation website pages for every type of customer you have. Major snack brands do just this, and they offer everything from health food to potato chips.

A practical webpage not only defines consumer pain points but also solves them. While it takes several approaches, like blog posts, reviews, and demonstrations, people become better informed. Consumers who know enough about what you offer feel comfortable making a purchase. However, there are some considerations you can’t ignore when discussing your layouts.

Attract New Prospects with Product Details

When discussing lead generation, there is no room for mystery or smoke and mirrors. Your consumers will become intimately aware of all its uses, price points, and flaws. While everyone’s fear is a one-star review, it really shouldn’t feel that scary. Google does like to see a mix of good and bad reviews for authenticity’s sake.

A useful lead generation site will also include several specific items as well. Get the most from your new pages by adding high-performance additions, such as:

  • Social Proof
  • User-Based Designs
  • Product Transparency
  • Trust Signals
  • Personalization Options
  • Check Performance Monthly

These five items not only describe what you sell, but they offer an in-depth look. Including them goes beyond what standard pages can accomplish alone.

Social Proof

Users aren’t likely to buy something from someone they know nothing about. If they see how often shoppers make a purchase, they will feel more comfortable. Some websites use popups that display products recently being bought and from where. That increases the chance that new consumers follow suit and convert to sales.

Responsive User-Based Designs

It’s a fine line drawn between educating consumers and overwhelming them. Unfortunately, some companies can’t seem to find the balance, and it runs people off. When you keep the user in control, it allows them to explore freely. Convenient pages and relevant information are a powerful combination in your overall search rankings.

Product Transparency

Businesses today need to be transparent, not only with products but with their terms of service. If consumers can’t understand why you need all of their details, they can get spooked. It’s scary to see a brand you aren’t familiar with asking for so much data. Staying transparent helps to keep the consumer’s minds at ease.

Trust Signals

When others see how influential you are, they feel more comfortable purchasing from you. Trust signals are why you see many companies display the logos of partners and clients. Consumers like knowing that you can satisfy the requests of even larger organizations. When shoppers trust you, they are more willing to reach the end of the transaction.

Personalization Options

Have you noticed that everyone and their mom’s website includes a Dark Mode now? That is no accident, as customization options help make your users feel at home. Giving people the ability to customize how your site looks lead to easier shopping. Give your consumers control over their buying experience and watch them make repeat visits.

Check Performance Monthly 

Find an SEO audit tool like Screaming Frog and make sure you are constantly working on the health of the website. Things change and break and you need to act fast.

Value Site Performance Over Pizzaz 

Business owners are sometimes shocked to discover how few elements are included in attractive websites. Gone are the days of flashy distracting visuals and embedded music. Instead, your site needs not only to look attractive but it needs to load quickly. All links have to work, bringing purchase cues along the way.

When your target audience navigates your site, they should feel like experts. Regardless of what device they use, they should also have the ability to purchase. Responsive web design streamlines the process, making sites appear similar on phones and computers. When pages load quickly and offer details, it is guaranteed to drive conversion rates.

Improve Your Rankings on Google Without Slowing Pages Down

Search Engine Optimization takes on many forms, but some are easier to implement than others. In short, you need to make your lead generation website attractive to WebCrawler bots. SEO sees improvements using both best practices for content creation and proper formatting. Using headers, tone, and even specific words can either harm or help your site.

Whitespace, word counts, images, and off-page requirements all factor together for an average ranking score. While some items weigh heavier than others, they all are crucial for the long term. Your pages also need to use images or videos effectively, without requiring a lot of bandwidth. The goal is to inform and convert as many potential shoppers as possible.

Don’t Neglect the Technical Side of Lead Generation Websites

You may have a website that looks great but doesn’t perform well. Slow, sluggish pages that only work on a desktop won’t gain much traction. Another consideration is keeping your shoppers safe from hackers while they use your site. These days, if your store doesn’t have Transport Layer Security (TLS), you won’t see sales.

Links that include HTTPS remain secured against breaches by implementing protective protocols. First, users join a secure connection before the system grants them access. An HTTPS connection won’t wholly protect consumers, but it does offer a lot of safety. Hackers have a much harder time breaking through when several protocols are in place.

Increase Online Prospects with the Right Combination

While all of this information creates a general lead generation website, what options work best? Unfortunately, it’s up to you and your brand to create winning user experiences. The same concepts apply, but how you use them may differ. For example, gaining a person’s trust can include offering photos, online testimonials, and product descriptions.

Supplemental blog posts with frequent new updates also help gain traction in search engines. By building an audience and brand awareness, it’s sure to keep your sales team busy. Finally, using a contact form to capture user information is also a practical tactic. You quickly receive contact information, email addresses, and mobile numbers with only a few fields.

Use the Right Outbound and Inbound Marketing Tactics to Increase Traffic

Now that your head is spinning with new things to try, which ones work the best? Too often, business owners cram as many of these items as possible onto one page. Remember that people’s brains are wired to find the path of least resistance, even while shopping. They quickly leave when they become stressed from too many videos, posts, and photos.

Your site needs to look as good as it performs while maintaining white space. If it seems as though your website is choking on everything it loads, it is. Learning when to keep consumers engaged and when to move them becomes vital. Users need gentle nudges to purchase, even from a brand they trust.

Use an Effective Call to Action Where Relevant

People don’t want to get bombarded by sales, but they do need a trigger. The right call to action not only guides consumers to items, but it also converts to sales. To use them effectively, your call to action must land after a thought. Closing body paragraphs with them is more practical versus near the opening line.

These messages should also not feel too aggressive, or they can have the opposite effect. If possible, you may want to offer a free sample or a discount. A powerful call to action must also appear at the very end of specific pages. They don’t need to be a generic “contact us,” but they need to engage your users.

Discover Your Perfect Lead Generation Website

While building a lead generation website is challenging, it isn’t impossible. Hiring the right developers goes a long way towards increasing your traffic.

If you don’t see the conversions you were expecting, you need our digital marketers. Hire ALYKY for your best lead generation websites today.

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