WordPress SEO Services

When it comes to website design and SEO, nothing comes close to rivaling WordPress. WordPress is a powerhouse that we constantly advise clients to use. However, if you don't use it every day even the most basic SEO practices can be hard to implement. Thankfully, with our WordPress SEO services you don't have to worry about it anymore. 

Expert WordPress SEO Services at Affordable Prices

WordPress is a different beast, but a powerful and effective one. We have been providing WordPress SEO Services for a collective of 12 years and have a well-oiled machine. We know what works, how it works, and this saves you money. 

WordPress Makes it Easy for Search Engines 

You want to think of WordPress like a house verses an apartment in a big city. It's much easier for search engines to find the house instead of having to find the building, go up the stairs, down the hall, and then look for the apartment number. WordPress provides a direct path for search engines.

WordPress is Built with SEO in Mind 

When you're creating a blog, or website page WordPress doesn't just make the design aspect easier but performing SEO a breeze (for well trained minds of course). We have worked in WordPress and for the SEO industry for a collective 12 years and have yet to get better results than doing SEO in a WordPress site. 

Our WordPress SEO Services are Affordable 

ALYKY was once a start-up with a bootstrapped budget, but we at least know how to do website design and SEO. You, however, didn't open your local business so you could learn SEO or pay an astronomical amount of money for WordPress SEO services done by some dude in his Moms basement. We're experts, without the expert price. 

Perfect SEO, Every Time

We believe that all content from blogs to website pages should be written with SEO best practices, and then executed with SEO best practices. Because of he PLUGINS we're able to use, we can be sure that your content gets a perfect SEO score, every time. 


What You Get 

When you hire ALYKY to tackle your WordPress SEO, you get high-quality SEO services from experts in the industry. 
WordPress SEO

A Full Website Audit 

If we haven't already we start by meticulously going through your site with our suite of audits so we know exactly where your website stands. This includes a full SEO audit, content audit, competitor analysis, and content gap analysis. We will report to you our findings with our plan of action and schedule. 

A Plan of Action, Schedule, and Deadline 

We're Veterans, Veterans wives, daughters of firefighters, and obsessed with meeting our deadlines every time. You can expect a clear schedule, communication when we've finished one phase and move to the next, and that we always meet our deadlines. 
WordPress SEO Services
WordPress SEO Services

Results and Cause To Celebrate 

We use SEO Best Practices to give you the results you want: better ranking, more website traffic, and more of that traffic converting to buyers. 

The Details 

Here are just some of the things we will be working on for as long as you let us.
Cleaning Up Duplicate Content 
Optimizing all pages with proper Htags 
Keyword Research 
SEO driven content that converts 
Optimized meta descriptions 
Optimized titles 
Re-purposing of old blogs
Updating of old blogs 
User Experience Improvement 
Site outline for new sites
Internal links
External links 
Proper use of NoFollow & DoFollow
Competitor Analysis 
SEO and Content Audit 
100% Unique content
Fixing of broken links
And so much more

Don't forget-if you bundle 3 or more services you get a 20% discount. That's right- no pre-made packages forcing you to pick something with stuff you don't really need. 

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