ALYKY's Blog Re-Purposing Service 

We believe that all blogs deserve a chance. Yes, even those you wrote years ago when you had no clue what you were doing. Even those. That's why we have our blog re-purposing service where we come in and take a hard look at all the older blogs not performing well, and then re-purpose and re-optimize them. 


Why is Blog Re-Purposing Important? 

If you know anything about SEO, it's that age and content, all content, matter. No matter how short that old blog is, or how much your business has changed- we can still use it to help the NOW business grow online. 

It All Starts With Data 

Just like everything we do here, when we re-purpose blogs we start with data. 

We run all that old content and see how it's doing now, and how we want it to be doing. We then perform keywords research on the topics and get to work. Sometimes we combine blogs, sometimes we re-direct, and some we just simply update for the current year. 
Improves overall health of the website 
Strengthens site SEO 
Brings in more traffic with better blogs 
Provides more marketing opportunities 
Helps maintain the current brand voice 

Add Some Pixie Dust To Your Old Blogs

Our content strategists love picking through would-be throw away blogs and turning them into powerful sources of new website traffic. We specialize in many industries, see below for just some:
Home Lending 
Real Estate 
Lifestyle Bloggers 
MONAT Social Selling 
Health and Wellness 
Carpet Cleaning 
Medical Clinics 
Luxury Beauty 
Legal Firms 
Wedding Venues 
Satire News 
Review Blogs 
Brick and Mortar Shops 
And so much more.

Order Your Blog Re-purposing Right Here.

Fill out the form to the right, and we will connect with you to get started. 
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