SEO & Content Strategy Consulting

Keep all your content strategy in-house by using our content strategy consulting service. We will teach you and your team everything you need to know to maintain and run a solid content strategy. 

Benefits of SEO & Content Strategy Consulting

There are many benefits of keeping your SEO and content strategy in-house. From saving money to investing in your business. 

Investing in YOUR Business

Instead of paying us month by month, you can invest that money into YOUR business and it's growth.

More Control

Nobody knows your business like you and your team. When you learn SEO and content strategy skills, you are in control.

Long-Term Savings 

Having an in-house SEO and content strategy team saves you money in the long run and keeps that budget happy and healthy. 
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What You Learn

A list of almost everything you will learn through our SEO and content strategy consulting service
How to use industry standard tools 
Beginner SEO
Advanced SEO
How to find and pick the best keywords for your campaign, blog, website, and more
How you can tell the buyers intent based off the keywords they use
Keyword Research 
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO 
How to write content for algorithms 
How to write content for people 
Competitor Analysis 
Content Gap Analysis 
The anatomy of a blog 
How to reverse engineer your top competitors site 
How to hire and manage freelance writers
Done for you editorial calendar and how to use it
plus discounts and coupon codes for all the tools you need.
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How Do You Know if SEO and Content Strategy Consulting is the Right Choice?

It can be hard to know if it's best to outsource your SEO and content or to invest in learning how to keep it all in-house. Here are some things to consider while making your choice.

Growth Projection

Are you experiencing, or expecting to experience, massive growth in the next 3-10 years? If so, then being ahead of the curve and starting off with everything in-house is the best choice monetarily and business management wise. 

Business Size

Are you a small, local business or a national business? How many employee's do you have? These are all questions that are important. In our experience, medium to large sized business are the most successful with our consulting services. 


As always, your budget has the final say. Outsourcing your SEO and content strategy with a small month to month fee is easier on the budget then a larger up-front investment. However, in the long run- learning to manage it all on your own will always save you money. 

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