SEO Services for Small Business 

If you own and run a small handy man business, construction company, craft business, sewing, or the local diner- you DO need a website. But here's the thing, we know that your budget is totally different than big corporations and businesses. That's why we have SEO for small business- so you can still give that loyal employee the raise and have a strong online marketing campaign. 

Don't avoid SEO Services Just Because You're a Small Business

There are many reasons your small business needs SEO services, and afforable SEO services. 

SEO Brings Your Small Business More Leads

Do you want your competitor coming up when the locals search for the service you offer, or do you want to come up and get those leads? It's as simple as that. Websites with good SEO get more traffic, which are leads, and more conversions. 

Your Competitors are Doing It 

It's very likely your competitors are getting SEO services for small business. And this gives them a huge competitive edge against you. People trust Google, even if they shouldn't, so if you're not coming up they aren't going to call you.  

SEO for Small Business is Incredibly Powerful

If you're just starting your business there's no better time to get SEO services done. Even if you're established, small local SEO services can be incredibly powerful and explode growth for your business. 

SEO Builds Brand Awareness and Loyalty 

Did you know blogging and email newsletters are a part of marketing and SEO services? Yep! When you're just starting there's an endless supply of ways to reach your audience and get your name out there. 


How it Works 

Step 1: Audit

All our SEO Services require an audit so we have an accurate look at what needs to be done.

Step 2: Report 

After the audit, we send you an extensive and thorough report of what we found, and what needs to be done, with a quote. 

Step 3: Execute 

If you have us execute the SEO services, we apply the cost of the audit to SEO services and get busy. If you have your team do it, then that's great too! 
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