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So, are you starting to feel like you’ve got this SEO and keyword thing figured out for your WordPress website? Fantastic! How about that WordPress meta description and meta title? Do you feel awesome about how to write a meta description for your web pages?

Bueller? Bueller?

If the jump into anything meta makes you want to run from the room screaming, we understand. In digital marketing, it can often feel like as soon as you master one skill, a new one pops up as being important. Figuring out a WordPress meta description is one of those skills.

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What The Heck Are Meta Descriptions and Meta Titles?

A Guide To Your WordPress Meta Description and Meta Title

Meta titles and descriptions are pieces of your website’s overall SEO. They help you utilize the full power of search engine algorithms to make it super easy for potential clients to find you online. This optimization is crucial.

You’ve likely heard of search engine optimization and have been hard at work adding keywords to all your content. And now here come the meta things. Where and how do meta descriptions and meta titles fit in? We’re glad you asked.

When you search for something online, the search engine (OK, let’s just say Google) gives you a list of results. This list has the not-so-clever name of “search engine results page,” or SERP. The first thing you see at the top of a particular result is the meta title. Also called a title tag, this should tell the searcher what they will find on that web page.

You will find the meta description below the title tag. This space should describe what the page is about, so the searcher can decide if they want to click on the link or not.

How Important Is My WordPress Meta Description?

Since your WordPress meta description directly impacts the “to click or not to click” situation, your meta description matters a whole lot. Most of the time, it is the only thing a possible customer reads before deciding if they will take action and head to your site. Because of this, it has a make-or-break role in your digital marketing.

Your meta description is vital to your success. It is the key to pulling in potential clients and customers, and it will determine whether or not they click to read more.

WordPress meta descriptions are powerful. Think of them like the firm handshake and friendly face of long-ago in-person sales calls. When you take the time to create a thoughtful meta description, you give yourself a chance to catch a potential client’s attention.

Your website has one critical job: convince seekers to become buyers. But potential customers have to get to your site before they can become actual customers. And the meta description is one of the best ways to get them there.

As a bonus, search engines rank your site based in part on click-through rates. This means that the more people who click on your title because they love the description, the higher your site will rank.

How Do I Work on Meta Descriptions in WordPress?

To create meta descriptions in WordPress, you will need help. This help will come from an add-on or plugin program, the most popular of which is Yoast. Yoast is great if you’re just beginning to use SEO plugins. However, we have noticed it can slow down your site. If you’re up for more of an SEO challenge, we use RankMath instead. RankMath is far more robust then Yoast. A simple program like Yoast, however, allows you to add those crucial meta descriptions without too much confusion.

How Long Should a WordPress Meta Description Be and What Should it Say?

There is not a hard-and-fast length for a meta description. Technically, you can make it as long as you want, but Google tends to cut it off around the 150-160 character mark. This fact is why you often hear that a description should be about 155 characters. This is usually around 25 words.

You want it to convey the pertinent information quickly before a potential customer loses interest. Regardless of the total characters used, make it concise and on point.

When you’re ready to craft your perfect wordpress meta description, follow these four crucial tips.

1. Make your WordPress meta description actionable and active.

Think of your meta description as being almost like an ad. It needs to grab the attention of every possible customer and invite them to take action. Make your meta snippet as descriptive but concise as possible. Be sure to use an active voice and precise words to convey essential details that will encourage the searcher to click on your link.

It is also imperative that your meta description contains a strong call to action. To draw the reader’s attention and encourage them to click through to your site, try language such as:

  • “Click here to learn more.”
  • “Check out our expert tricks and tips.”
  • “Learn how our team can save you money.”

2. Don’t forget the keywords.

If you have taken the time to research excellent keywords, use them! Although experts might argue about how necessary keywords are in a meta, no one will tell you that they are a bad idea. So get those keywords in there.

3. Make sure there is a content match.

Search engines will sniff out sites whose meta descriptions do not match the content on their website. If you don’t want your site to end up in proverbial Google Jail, don’t bait and switch. Your meta text must fit the content of the page it belongs to, or you are misleading the reader. No bueno.

4. Make Your WordPress Meta Description and Title Unique.

As with anything on your website, the meta content must be unique. Do not reuse meta text for multiple web pages. Duplicate content always backfires since search engines don’t like it. Your pages will not rank well if you do this. Truthfully, you are better off having no meta description than having a copied version. To paraphrase a relatively well-known international shoe company, Just Don’t Do It.

Let’s Get This Done

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