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October 22, 2020

TikTok is a social media platform for creating and sharing short videos. Recently, the app has become viral and a majority of TikTok’s users belong to Generation Z. Although many people had doubts about the platform, TikTok is an influential platform for influencers and brands to gain exposure. Let's learn more about how you can use TikTok for business.

5 Ways To Use TikTok For Your Business

There are many ways you can use TikTok for business. While we wish we could go into all of them, we have selected a few (ok, five) that we think are the best. Let's dive in.

1. Create Advertisements on TikTok

There are several different ways that companies can use TikTok for business with ads. Brands can pay for their advertisements to be shown by TikTok users.

Branded Lenses

You might be familiar with all of the filters that users put on their Snapchat and Instagram stories. Similarly, companies are able to design a TikTok filter for people to use. The filter lasts on TikTok for ten days and will automatically be on the top ten trending list. Filters are frequently used on social media platforms and would be a great alternative to “traditional” advertisements. These are great ways to use TikTok for business.

Native Ads

In between user videos, TikTok will play advertisements. The length of these advertisements range from 9 to 15 seconds. Fair warning, though: viewers are able to skip the ads without watching them from beginning to end. Your brand will need to make sure that advertisements are attention-grabbing, entertaining, and tempts the viewer to watch the entire ad.

Hashtag Challenges

Brands can sponsor a hashtag challenge. Sponsors will receive a custom banner on TikTok’s Discover page. When users tap the hashtag, they will be able to find videos that your brand has created, as well as other videos created by TikTok users participating in the challenge. Make sure that your marketing department comes with a fun and welcoming challenge. The more people participate in it, the more exposure your company will receive. Hashtag challenges are extremely popular when it comes to TikTok for business and are a fun way to put your brand on the map.

Brand Takeovers

These are advertisements that are linkable to a brand’s landing page. Brand takeovers will appear in the TikTok user’s feed and will be shown before the user can look at any other content.

2. Influencer Content

tiktok for business

It is no secret that Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are filled with influencers. Influencers typically have a large number of followers and viewers, which makes them a great platform for exposing your brand and its products. Companies can request that the influencers talk about products, mention the company in a video description, and link your brand for users to click on.
The price of paying an influencer depends on the type of request and how many views and followers they have. Obviously, companies must be strategic in who they partner with. It wouldn’t make sense to hire a fashion blogger to promote gardening equipment. Pay close attention to influencers who share the same category as your company.

3. Create Your Own Content

This might be an obvious one: however, it takes some serious thought and imagination to create content that stands out from the rest. Here are some suggestions on how to truly thrive when creating your content:

First, Be Yourself

Let’s be honest: most people on TikTok aren’t using the highest quality of camera and audio equipment. A lot of the content produced and uploaded onto TikTok is filmed straight from a phone. Social media is filled with people trying to be like others—don’t fall into that trap. Being authentic and showing your brand’s true personality will go a long way on social media. Don’t be afraid to show your true colors when you are using TikTok for business.

Second, Customize and Personalize When You are Using TikTok for Business

Coming up with new content doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. You can use hashtags, hashtag challenges, and content that has already been created to inspire your next post. Dive into your company’s niche, take what is popular, and make it your own. Familiarize yourself with TikTok for business and the kind of content that your category likes to produce. Again, don’t forget to be yourself and keep your content authentic.

Third, Take Advantage of Music and Effects

TikTok comes with an extensive music library that you can add to your videos without having to worry about copyright issues. Many TikTok users will put music on their videos to replicate a music video, show-off their dance moves, for background noise, or to add comic effects to their video. You can also alter the frame speed of the video and add color-changing filters (or your own branded lens!).

Fourth, Do Not Forget to Share Your Video

Taking the time to write a solid video description, adding hashtags, tagging your friends, or other related accounts, including your brand’s desired link, and sharing the video to other social media platforms can all add up. Taking the time to take your video further will make all the difference in advertising your brand.

4. Capitalize on User-Generated Content

tiktok for business

What does “user-generated content” (UGC) even mean? User-generated content is any kind of media that is created by people/other TikTok users but not by the brand themselves. The nice thing about hashtags is that other users can create hashtags that promote your company for free! Utilizing UGC is a win-win for both the brand and the TikTok user. Brands can share videos made by users which expands the user’s following count, while the TikTok user gives a brand free advertising by creating content with their products. Through TikTok, users can create advertisements that not only help brands but their accounts as well.

5. Promote User Interaction

Sometimes restaurants will encourage customers to send videos of what they ordered off of the menu. Businesses can encourage its customers to film a review of their products and in return can receive a gift card or store credit. As previously mentioned, you can also take advantage of any hashtag challenges that the company has sponsored or participated in.
Many videos will also have captions that encourage followers to comment on their videos. Some brands have asked, “What are your favorite girl names? Comment them below!” or “What new products would you like to see?” The possibilities are endless. More user interaction means more engagement on a post, more engagement on a post means more exposure for the brand.

Brands should also take the time to respond to comments and interact with their followers. Establishing relationships and acknowledging a user’s participation adds authenticity to your brand.

In Conclusion of Using TikTok for Business

TikTok opens up new doors for marketing brands and businesses. With strategic planning, TikTok can be an influential platform to benefit both its users and brands. Take the time to study the app, what is trending, and who is in your niche. Using your imagination, creativity, and being authentic can take your business to a whole new level.

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