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For most organizations, getting the sales and marketing departments on the same page can be a struggle. Each department is its own unique beast. (Managers are nodding their heads right now.) There should be a seamless relationship between the materials created to generate leads, and the people who use those leads to make sales. However, that is seldom the case. Lack of communication, unclear goals, and plain old inefficiencies can make for a bumpy process. So how do you close the gap between marketing and sales? You need sales enablement content.

It’s time to create content that not only draws in potential clients but also instructs your sales team on the best way to close the deal. There is no point in generating all the leads if the sales department doesn’t have the necessary information for finishing the sale.

Start with the Basics

Excellent communication and clear guidance from management are at the heart of all successful sales/marketing relationships. Mutual goals and established best practices go a long way toward connecting marketing and sales. You always want to be producing sales enablement content.

But eventually, you have to get the sales and marketing departments on the same page. Whenever possible, work to create high-converting sales enablement content that is both client-facing AND sales facing. These double-duty options will help your team bridge the gap between generating a lead and closing the deal.

Most marketing departments produce sales enabling content on an ongoing basis. The problem is, they aren’t sharing it with the sales team, so the enabling doesn’t happen.

The good news in this scenario is that the content likely already exists. It just needs to get into the right hands. And if it doesn’t exist yet, here, you will find a blueprint of what to create that works for both sides of the aisle: marketing and sales.

Sometimes you will need to create content that is only for the sales team and not for clients. These pieces of the marketing/sales relationship tend to be product-specific so that the sales team has all the relevant details.

Seven Ways to Create High-Converting Sales Enablement Content

Seven Types of High-Converting Sales Enablement Content

Making your content work for both marketing and sales is not rocket science. Aerospace engineering is rocket science. So let’s dive into seven ways you can create high-converting sales enablement content without spinning your wheels.

1. Product Sheets

These one-page marketing materials answer the following questions:

  • How does the product work?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How long does it take to set up or get started?
  • How do I get support if I need it?

These are all crucial questions that everyone in the sales department can answer. Product pages may be available to clients on your website, but they absolutely must be in the hands of the sales team. They give your sales crew pertinent information to help them close the deal. This is also one of our favorite types of sales enabalement content.

2. Presentations

Building a slide deck is an excellent way to explain complex details dealing with processes versus products. These visual tools can incorporate video and audio to make it even more engaging.

When you create a slide deck, such as in Google or PowerPoint, you can publish it and embed it into your website. This method is an efficient way to make sure potential clients and the sales group have access to the same information. Again, creating this content gives your team the chance to convert leads into buying clients.

3. Blog Posts

Context matters. A common problem in businesses is that the sales team doesn’t understand how or why a client uses the product the company is selling. The marketing crew has to know this information intimately, but the sales team can end up in the dark.

Blogs are an excellent resource for bringing the sales group into the light. Frequently, blog posts come as a response to questions from customers, making them great repositories of knowledge. They directly relate to the way clients interact with the product or service.

4. Case Studies

Nothing works to convert leads like word-of-mouth advertising. It consistently is one of the top reasons that a potential buyer becomes a valued customer. One happy customer is invaluable when it comes to generating leads that convert.
Case studies can be the king of high-converting sales enablement content. But, and this is a (Kardashian) big but, your sales folks have to know that you have them! Share the knowledge. Don’t keep your fantastic case studies solely in the hands of the marketing department.

5. Whitepapers

The whitepaper is the go-to material for most marketing departments. When used effectively, this trusted tool is crucial for converting leads into sales. It explains a product or process so that clients have a clear understanding of how it works.

When sales and marketing work together to produce a whitepaper, the result is extremely effective. The material should generate high-quality leads and allow the sales team to close those deals successfully.

6. Product Scripts

No, your team should not sound like they are reading from a script. No one wants to buy from someone doing that. But, a well-crafted script is an effective type of high-converting sales enablement content. When your team delivers the text naturally, they will have consistent talking points that align with the marketing plan. The script is great for training new hires, as well.

7. Social Media Materials

Our social lives are mostly online now. So your sales team should be using social media tools to interact with potential clients. Posts on these platforms can be excellent high-converting sales enablement content. Social media posts are easy for customers to find, digest, and share, further boosting the word-of-mouth marketing that is so important.

The sales department should have access to all posts on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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