The Importance of SEO Copywriting and How to Find Good SEO Copywriters

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January 12, 2020

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out what all the fuss is about SEO content writing? Do you wonder if it is just another gimmick that doesn’t matter to your business? Well, the truth is that in a world filled with quick-fix schemes, SEO copywriting is the real deal. Hiring a professional web content copywriter is one of the most important decisions you can make for your website.

How can we say that with such unabashed confidence? It is because SEO copywriters are skilled at the type of writing that matters online. And that is the critical thing right there. There is actually a specific type of writing that matters to the internet and the search engines.

If the words on your website don’t make the search engines happy, then your site will not rank organically. You will find yourself continually spending valuable dollars on ads rather than just getting the words right.

If you already know that you are ready to hand over this critical piece of your marketing, the ALYKY team would love to chat with you. We can handle all the strategies for your site with our SEO copywriting services and more.

Does Google Really Prefer Professional SEO Copywriting to Normal Writing?

Bill Gates famously once said that “content is king.” But now it is more accurate to say that “excellent content is king.” Google wants excellent content.

Back in the olden days of the early 2000s, you could stuff keywords into your website and blog posts and call it good. Your site would rank, and you could move on with your day. But those days are long gone. Google and its brethren are smarter now. They want to reward quality content that is well-written and valuable to the user. And this is a good thing!

With its BERT update, Google ushered in the era of validating high-quality content. With more sophisticated nuances, the search engine rewards content that is excellent, effective, and well-suited to users.

Search engines seek out clues in your content that demonstrate your business or brand:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

If the bots-that-be find your content to meet those criteria, your site is likely to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

Google uses complex mathematical algorithms that gauge the effectiveness of your content, focusing on factors such as click-throughs and time spent viewing the page. The good news? Although the technology might sound complicated to many of us business owners, getting the right content is simple. You just need to find the best SEO copywriting service available.

So, how do you do that? How do you find the right SEO content writer to give your site the boost it deserves? So. Glad. You. Asked.

How to Find the Perfect Web Content Copywriter

The Importance of SEO Copywriting and How to Find Good SEO Copywriters

Now that you know how important it is to hire a great SEO copywriting service, let’s look at the best way to do that. It will take a little time to find the right fit, but it is so worth it.
There are a lot of fish in the sea. Be choosy. Many companies profess to have high-quality SEO copywriters, but many of them are actually terrible. We have built a name for oursleves as one of the best SEO copywriting firms- so we're excited to be helping however we can.

Some great places to look for your own freelance writer (instead of going through agencies like ours) are:

Keep in mind that when you choose to work directly with a freelance writer you are also directly responsible for keeping track of them, editing their work, educating them with algorithm changes and SEO best practices, and much more. For those of you that don't have a heavy content load, these resources are perfect. For others with a heavier content load, it might be best to work with agencies like ours so we can manage the writers, and you can focus on your business. SEO copywriting is in high-demand so get those orders in ASAP.

You must shop around and do your due diligence when choosing someone to be responsible for your content writing. Cast a wide net when you start looking, and then narrow down the choices by asking these questions:

  • Will I have one person in charge of my content planning? Or is it a team effort? Either way is fine if the agency has excellent employees. But you need to know their process. For example, does one person plan the content, while another does the writing? Again, that’s fine. Just learn the process.
  • How do you ensure the originality of content? This one is a crucial question. Google HATES duplicate content. If a potential SEO content writer can’t explain how they guarantee that you will have original content, run away.
  • How experienced are your writers and editors? Content writing for SEO is very different from other types of writing. It is not like writing for academic or journalistic purposes. There are specific rules and practices the writers must understand and follow to be effective.

Know Thy Website. And Thy Tone. And Thy Brand.

Before you get started with an excellent SEO copywriting firm, take some time to think about what you want to communicate on your website. Have a firm idea of your company’s tone, brand, and personality. You need to be able to explain this to the writers and strategists before they can write well for you. If you don't have a brand voice yet, ask if they can help define your brand voice as a service.  Here at ALYKY, we have helped many companies define their brand's voice.

Remember: an experienced SEO content writing expert can make everything on your website sound like you, just the way it should. In addition to writing for rankings, your team should be writing to attract, engage, and convert. 

Once someone gets to your site, the words and other content must be effective in converting potential customers into paying ones. But if the writer doesn’t know what your brand and tone and personality are, they can’t provide the right content for you. So get that nailed down.

Ask for Samples or Referrals

This tip can be a little tricky to navigate. Since content writers generally are ghostwriters, they usually aren’t free to name their clients as referrals. But they should at least have writing samples to show you with redacted client names. And some SEO copywriters may have clients who have given permission to use them for recommendations, so always ask.

Time to Take the Plunge

Without consistent, high-performing SEO copywriting, your website is not serving you. It can’t. And without professional copywriting help, you will find yourself spinning your marketing wheels and wasting your budget on ads as you try to boost your site.

An investment in content writing for SEO purposes is worth every penny for many reasons:

  • It frees you up to focus on the parts of your business that bring you joy.
  • It allows your website to work for you and grow your profit.
  • It helps your website rank and convert without needing costly ads.
  • It gives you a platform to interact and engage with your audience in a way that is on-brand.

Now that you’re ready to outsource this critical piece of your marketing, reach out to the team at ALYKY to get started. We are eager to help you and your business grow and thrive.

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