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March 9, 2020

Everyone knows organic is better, right? The same is true of the traffic you drive to your website. Learning how to drive traffic to your site organically can save a large chunk of your marketing budget for more effective processes.

A lot of little details go into your website, so pulling organic, unpaid traffic to your business is very beneficial. The first step in attracting organic traffic is by using proper keyword research to create compelling meta descriptions and everything in between.

Learning How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Without Paying for Ads

There are several methods of driving traffic to your site. The primary three you’ll hear about are Pay Per Click Ads (PPC), Direct Traffic, and Organic Traffic. The end goal of your online presence is to educate consumers about your products or services. In addition, you also want to provide a platform to convert their visit into a sale.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click ads is a common type of advertisement. These are the banner ads you see on the side of your webpages, social media, or that pop-up when you’re browsing online. You pay to put these in front of potential customers and pay per click through to your website.

This method uses catchy visuals and almost always depends on a memorable landing page capturing their information for you to follow up with them. Some businesses have automated this system to follow them online with similar ads. However, as soon as someone installs a pop-up blocker on their browser, those ads disappear from their view.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is when a person pulls your website directly from a shared link, a business card, or a similar resource. When they open their browser, they type in the address and are dropped straight onto your business webpage.

You pay for this resource through your marketing materials. You print your website on your business cards, pamphlets, brochures, the side of your truck, or whatever other methods you use to publish your web address. While direct traffic is great, you need to learn how to drive traffic to your website without paying for ads or only relying on direct traffic sources.

Organic Traffic

Our bread and butter are in organic traffic. Learning how to drive natural organic traffic to your website will save you money and build your customer base for years to come. You’ll use a combination of high-quality keyword research, proper on-page SEO, use of correct language, avoiding passive voice, errors, and staying relevant.

This method is more than just researching high volume keywords and sprinkling them like confetti. It’s creating quality content that hooks readers and moves them through the purchase funnel. When someone searches for a keyword on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, they’ll be given a mix of organic SEO prioritized sites and paid ads. You want to be part of that organic SEO set to make the best of your marketing dollars. Organic traffic is a great way to learn how to drive traffic to your website.

Creating Quality Content

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Without Paying for Ads

With blogs and articles for your business, it's critically important to maintain relevant, accurate, easy to understand, and quality content. That means that every word packs a punch and moves your readers toward your end goal.

Knowing the keywords that your customers are using to find you and similar companies is helpful. However, knowing where to put them and how to use them is even more critical. Google and other search engines are constantly shifting their algorithms. Decorating content with high volume keywords used to work, but not so much anymore. Businesses who do this have fallen out of fashion and off of the first page and need to learn how to drive traffic to their website.

Further, using tools such as backlinks will help more than confetti keywords ever will. Learning how to use the tools can be intimidating, but without the knowledge, you are unlikely to see the results you’re looking for.

Bing and Yahoo belong to the same parent company and hold approximately 30% of the market share of search engine use. In comparison, Google carries 65% of the market share. You’ll want to stay on top of Google’s search algorithms because they are the industry base for other search engines.

ALYKY’s Content Reputation

With ALYKY, our writers, researchers, and editors pursue education and training with every new shift in the algorithm. We hire writers and editors that have proven their skills in the business writing field. Our researchers look at active keywords for your business industry and keep an eye on the tactics that similar businesses are successfully using to pull in organic traffic.

Our researchers work hard to keep your keywords at the top of the internet, while the writers use that research to create content worthy of sharing. Every article also receives a full edit for grammar, punctuation, voice, and accuracy. Every piece of content that graces your website is honed and sculpted by a team of marketing professionals. We know how to drive traffic to your website with paying for ads, or without. And to be blunt- we prefer without paying for ads.

Buyer Intent

When you run a SWOT analysis, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint your buyer’s intent. Your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats will help you figure out why people are searching for products and services in your industry.

A buyer doesn’t typically jump online and search for random things. Usually, there’s a triggering event or conversation that brings your item or service to mind. They saw a commercial, or a friend reminded them they need to replace something. Maybe it’s a seasonal holiday or a yearly event they need to prepare for.

Having content that convinces a buyer of their intent will help you and your business move that customer from looker to customer. If your blog content is relevant and valuable, your customers will trust your input on the topic. With their trust, they’re more likely to feel confident in their purchase. This is one of the most important things when it comes to learning how to drive traffic to your website. You need to consider buyer intent.

Learning to Use Quality Content for Organic Traffic Properly

You can put hours into researching the newest Google algorithm. Or, you can hire a team of professionals to do the research for you. You’re good at your job, but you can only wear so many hats. Please send us an email at ALYKY to discuss our services, and to participate in a marketing audit.

We invite you to partner with our team to build up a strong and lasting online presence for your business. We look forward to working withing you while you learn how to drive traffic to your website.

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