done for you course creation

Done for You Course Creation

How many times has an employer had you create lesson plans with little credit? Probably more times than you’d like to remember. Done for You Course Creation service allows you to profit from your specialized knowledge. These days, anyone can show off their expertise, no matter how unique their field might be. Plus, one of the most direct ways to create a sales funnel is by having educational courses.

Scale Baby!

Profit off Your Knowledge

At ALYKY, we learn through doing and teaching ourselves everything we know. We understand the importance of taking every thought and effectively making sense of it all for everyone else.

While not everyone is a teacher, most people are an expert in one way or another. Whatever skills you possess, we can help you package it into a profitable online course.

Passive Income

Once the course is created, you get to just sit back and earn a passive income. We manage the students, courses, materials, and admin work. 

No Tech Experience Needed

If you’re not interested in learning all the technology needed to create a course- we have good news: you don’t need to learn a thing. 

Customized To You

Instead of using online course platforms that limit you and take some of our profits- our done for you course creation services have no limits. If you can dream it, we can do it. 

Teach the World

You've been doing your thing for years and want others to learn how too. Now's the time.

What is “Done for You Course Creation”?

For most people, their 9-to-5 job doesn’t provide enough earning potential. While you want a sideline source of income, you don’t want to start a pyramid scheme.

Whether you were recently laid off or stuck at home, you probably dove into your hobbies. Like with any task, some will come to you naturally, while others seem challenging. Those that you excel at the most are likely those that can become profitable. When you have courses dedicated to your area of expertise, you can always find eager students.

From teaching traditional courses like math or even if it’s something whimsical, we can create materials for them all. Start profiting from topics you feel the most passionate about while we handle the rest.

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Say goodbye to course creation limits

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been doing done for you course creation for years- we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve built a team of administrative assistants to designers that know exactly what you and your students will need. 

Industry Experts

Sure- we're experts in website design and course creation but we will also immerse ourselves in your industry until we're experts in that too.

Personal Executive Assistant

You will have your own executive assistant that you work directly with. We'll manage the team so you don't have to.

Curriculum Developers

Our experienced curriculum developers will map out the best "course" of action for your students. See what we did there?

Done for You Course Creation Features

Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum developers will create the best program for your students.

Course Outlines

We find the primary points of information and build outward. Turn what you know into a practical side stream of income.

Training Material Conversion

You can quickly form a cohesive plan from PDFs, PowerPoints, emails, and elbow grease. Take your training materials to the next level with professional conversions.

done for you course creation

Topic Research

Our Internet sleuths get to work extracting whatever we can on the subject. We perform topic research, so you don’t have to, freeing up your schedule.

eBooks/PowerPoint Slides

Creating an eBook is a practical way to sell your skills and expertise. PowerPoint slides also help your trainees discover the primary points to learn.

Course Writing

Courses have specific best practices for sentence length, headers, and images, among others. Make sure your plans set your students up for success with our writing services.

Turn Your Success Into Passive Income With an Online Course

You’ve done all the work, the trial, and error, and mastered your craft. Now, it’s time to teach the next generation and earn that passive income. To get started, reach out to us below. We’ll be in touch.

Who Needs Course Creation?

Technology has developed exponentially over the past two decades. As a result, many people find themselves creating their new work positions as they go. In other instances, you might be expected to present to other departments in your company. Then, by the third repeat, no one seems to listen to the latest policy updates.

It’s no secret that some people have the attention span of a cat. Sometimes, the best way to communicate is to let others fill in the blanks.

Whenever you find yourself answering the same questions, it’s time to start asking them. Contact us today to begin designing your personalized training courses.

Reach Out Today

Let's talk about what you know and want to teach.

Have Any Questions?


We’re sure you have questions. Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

In most cases, yes. For example, there are industries that are very common to start courses in.  And there are certain industry’s where we can easily do the teaching as long as you provide us with what we need.

However, there are some things you will still have to make videos of. Music lessons, trade crafts, heart surgery. You know- those things we don’t recommend having us create the videos. 

Again, this depends. In some cases we have partnership deals which is less cost upfront, and in other cases it depends on the industry, course length, and add ons. Make sure to reach out so we can give you a proposal. 

We need to learn the course, without the course existing if that makes sense. We need to learn about YOU, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. This will take many Zoom meetings to get right, but it’s worth it. 

6-8 months. **Sometimes** less time but it all depends on how responsive you are to us and again, the length of the course. 

We do have rush options with fee’s, but they are substantial and if we’re blunt, not always worth it. Good things take time.  

Kind of. We sign non-disclosure agreements with most of our clients so we aren’t allowed to use their website for bragging rights. However, upon request we have a few clients that you can email or call and talk directly to. 

Fill out the form above and we’ll reach out ASAP.

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