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Welcome to The Digital Content Strategy other Agency's Hire


We are forever learners, never satisfied with the status quo and always looking for ways to streamline processes (to save you money) and offer new services.


Everything we plan, write, or do has to be supported by data. That’s why we’re a digital content strategy agency. We think long term and strategic for your business.


That means we care about you, your life, and your business. We want to have lasting and deep, meaningful relationships built on trust, success, and respect.

Why Choose ALYKY?

Maybe it’s the decades of experience in SEO and writing. Or that we always have our thumbs on the pulse of the digital content strategy agency industry. But we think the main reason you should choose ALYKY is our people. From experienced content strategists and writers to innovative new team members that bring change, we are our people.  

Our writers have over 30 years of combined writing experience. From PhD’s to your freelancer, our writers are the best out there. 

When you choose to hire ALYLY for any of our services, you will be given your very own account manager that will ensure the highest of quality of work.

We’ve been doing this a long time. Our processes our a fine tuned machine and that saves you money and time. 

Our designers know how to make websites that rank and function. You can trust our team to give you the website of your businesses dreams. 

Simply put- we start with data and let it take us from there. 

We’ve set up our business so anyone can afford our services. Whether your budget is tight or you have money to spend- we have solutions for you.

The Digital Content Strategy Agency Team

Digital Content Strategy Agency


Anna Fragiorgi

Anna started Silver Gate Solutions, Inc. (ALYKY’s parent company) over seven years ago. Since then, it has grown into a content marketing firm, SEO Agency, Course Creation and management firm, and much more. Anna’s ingenious business mind and insane work ethic have grown her small freelance agency to the empire Silver Gate Solutions is. We wouldn’t have our digital content strategy agency without her!

Digital Content Strategy Agency


Beth Anne Ball

Beth met Anna as they both were freelance content writers in the SEO industry. They worked together on multiple projects until finally, in 2018, Beth joined Anna full time. Beth comes to ALYKY with over seven years of content strategy experience, website design experience, writing experience, and a drive to always learn more and grow her experience. Beth leads the team of executive assistants, writers, editors, and designers. 

Executive Assistant

Renee Stimac

Renee is our SEO and Keyword Expert. When you’re looking for a needle in haystack, Renee will find it. We don’t know what we would do without her expertise and wisdom. 

Digital Content Strategy Agency

Executive Assistant

Shawn M. Whitney

Shawn is our executive assistant extraordinaire. If we need it done- whether it’s website design, content, Social Media, or data analysis we can count on Shawn. 


Senior Editor

Rebecca A.

Rebecca has been our one and only editor for almost a year now. She’s detailed oriented and really freaking good at what she does. Not one piece of content passes without her approval. Hint: She’s also a travel agent. 

Senior Writer

Chris W.

Chris. Where do we even start? Genius? Robot? Cyborg? Chris has been known to spit out thousands of words of content in a few short hours- and content that ranks. We don’t know how he does it, but we’re glad he does. 

Digital Content Strategy Agency (2)


Echo M.

Echo has been with us for a year, and before that, she was with Beth at another company for a few months. Echo is seriously talented at writing, always adds in personality, and brilliant at mastering your brand voice. 


Tara C.

Tara has followed Beth through the years and despite teaching full time and being a busy Mom and wife, she still turns out beautiful high-end SEO-focused content. 



Kristin S.

Kristin is a writing powerhouse. Her writing and editing skills are continually sought after. As she has grown her own writing firm (we celebrate her success- there’s plenty of business to go around) and continued to work (teaching!) through COVID, her availability has been scarce but she ALWAYS saves the day when we reach out. 



John C.

There’s no point in having a business if we’re not growing and keeping our people busy and paid. John makes sure he brings us, qualified clients. Thanks, John! 


Gary F.

We all break stuff. A lot. Probably too much. But it happens. And when it does, we call on Gary. Even though we’re all remote and all over the United States- Gary still manages to fix all the broken things. 

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